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                                                                               N.A.R.B.C. Arlington Texas

                                                                                   February 16-17th 2019

DartFrog Connection’s official launch was on MAY 1st 2013. We specialize in captive breeding dart frogs and serving the Dart Frog community with a ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL YOUR DART FROG NEEDS. DartFrog Connection was form out of passion for better dart frog information, quality dart frog products and the love building a Facebook community for dart frogs.

We are centralized in Kansas and at the present time, DFC is an online store only.

DFC is very proud to bring to you our own collection of dart frog products! Everything from our signature DFC Substrate to our DFC Fruit Fly Media has been created to bring the best possible solutions to the dart frog community.

We embrace how tightly knit the Dart Frog Community that has already been established. We want to serve that community well. But, at the same time to provide great support, knowledge and welcome the new comers to this amazing hobby.

We have over 56,000 LIKES on Facebook and growing more each and very single day. We are truly blessed by the support of this community. We thank you for your support.



Our staffs at DartFrog Connection have diverse backgrounds in the hobby and many of us have been keeping dart frogs for years. Our in-house staff biologist and zoologist have traveled around the world working in the field of wildlife conservation. Our team members have been working in the pet industry, and have a great depth of experience in advising pet lovers.

DFC’s dart frog breeding team consists of a group of experts that have been in the dart frog community for many years


In our Dart Frog Species area:

As part of the dart frog community, we hope to have your support and participation in helping us to expand the species list. Please contribute any photos and further knowledge to:

There are new discoveries being made almost weekly about dart frogs, and with your help we hope to create a continually evolving database.



We will continually update new knowledge and information about the dart frog hobby.

We encourage our community to email your feedback and knowledge to:

Please follow our Facebook page for news and updates at:


-Dart Frog Connection Team

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