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NATURAL HABITAT AND RANGE:   This species inhabits the lowland forests of Peru.

TEMPERATURE:   Their natural temperature range is between 70-77 degrees Fahrenheit.

HUMIDITY:  They prefer an ambient humidity of 80% or higher.

SIZE:  These are small frogs, reaching just under an inch in length.

TEMPERAMENT AND EXPERIENCE:   These frogs are bold and hardy, great for beginning thumbnail keepers.

TERRARIUM SETUP:  Provide 5 gallons of space per frog. This is an arboreal species so set them up with tall terrariums planted heavily with bromeliads. Keep in pairs of 1 male and 1 female.

BREEDING:  These frogs reach sexual maturity at 6-9 months. They will lay small clutches of 3-5 eggs on plant leaves. Remove eggs from the terrarium or incubate in situ (in the cage).

Ranitomeya imitator (also known as Dendrobates imitator) is a small, variable frog from northern Peru. Their common name is the Mimic Poison Dart frog, reflecting the frog's tendency to mimic other species' color and pattern.Various forms occur in the US hobby, including R. imitator 'nominat/standard', R. imitator 'Intermedius', R. imitator 'Varadero', and R. imitator 'Tarapoto', with each morph representing a specific population. Like all thumbnail dart frogs, these frogs are approximately ¾ of an inch. They have a moderately loud, buzzing call.

Like the rest of the Ranitomeya species discussed here, Imitators are non-obligate egg feeders, and show interesting parental behavior. Imitators will lay 1-5 white eggs (typically 3) at a time, after going through the typical Dendrobatid courtship rituals. Eggs are often laid on a flat leaf, or inside a film canister. The male will guard them, routinely wetting the eggs to avoid desication. After the eggs hatch, tadpoles are scooped up the frog's back, and transported to individual bodies of water (typically film canisters or bromeliads in vivaria). Ever so often, the female will deposit infertilized eggs into the water to feed the tadpoles, until they emerge from the water as minature versions of the adults. Being Non-obligate egg feeders, the tadpoles can be raised on an artificial diet, if you choose to remove eggs or tads to raise

Ranitomeya imitator is fairly bold most of the time, especially when breeding. In smaller vivaria (such as a 12x12x18 Exo Terra Glass Terrarium), they are best housed in pairs. In larger vivaria (such as an 18x18x24 Exo Terra Glass Terrarium), they can be kept in groups – keep a close eye on the frogs, as they can stress each other. Ample leaf litter should be provided to the inhabitants, which will foster healthy microfauna growth – being smaller frogs, imitators love springtails and Drosophila melanogaster fruit flies. These small frogs appreciate temperatures in the low to mid 70s F, with a temperature drop of up to 10F at night.

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