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Corkbark Tube Small 1lb

You will receive 1lb of small cork bark tubes.

Image shown is not the actual product. It is only a representation of the product you will receive.

The price of our Cork Bark is base on weight, not on size. So the size will vary from items to items with the same price.



It will range from 1"-3" in diameter.

- Rounded and tubed virgin cork bark provides ideal sleeping, resting and hiding places for all creatures. Dart frog hobbyist utilize cork bark to imitate the natural look and feel of trees in the forest or desert terrain. Along the same lines, zoos around the world use cork bark to create a natural dart frog habitat.

- Perfect for decorating to bringing natural beauty to terrariums. For the back wall or simply creating landscape in your vivarium. 

- There is no other material, either natural or manmade, with all of the characteristics that are unique to raw cork: light weight, rot resistant, non-toxic, good compression and expansion, fire resistant, impermeable, soft, and buoyant. Cork bark is a sustainable, renewable, and environmentally friendly natural resource.

Corkbark Tube Small 1lb

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