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hemionitis arifolia

Hemionitis Arifolia

Hemionitis Arifolia is also called the heart fern because of its heart-shaped green leaves that have a leathery texture. This is a must-have in your plant collection. It is easy to grow and will add a touch of elegance to your dart frog’s habitat. It makes a perfect backdrop and creates a natural environment for your dart frogs to hide in and climb on.

Origin: China and Japan

Mature Size:  height: 6-12”, Spread: 9-12”

Light: Partial sun to full shade. Prefers bright light, but not direct sunlight. Does extremely well in vivarium and terrarium lighting.

Planting: The branches are very light in weight. As the plant grows, the branches will keep climbing toward the light as well as cascade through your vivarium.

Water: Keep slightly moist at all times in a well draining soil.

Humidity: High humidity 50 to 70%.

Temperature: Will tolerate cool to warm temperatures from 60-85°F.

Propagation: This plant reproduces with spores.

hemionitis arifolia

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