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DFC Tropical 9W/ 44 LED Light

DFC Tropical 9W/ 44 LED Light is available for purchase in increments of 1

DFC Tropical LED Light

DFC Tropical LED 9W will fit into most standard incandescent terrarium light hoods including Zoomed and Exo-Terra terrarium hoods. Designed for Dart Frogs, perfect for vivarium and aquariums. DFC Tropical LED can be used as the main light source for many amphibians and reptile or as an additional light.

Do not under estimate DFC Tropical LED lights. Not only they are bright. They produce less than half amount of heat compare to CFL bulbs and consume less than half of the energy. With 66% White, 17% Blue and 17% red LED combination, they produce a wide spectrum of light from red to blue. Resulting in a 6,000K~6,500K light source to increase your plant growth. They are perfect for any animals or plants that are heat sensitive.

The DFC Tropical LED Bulbs have a 270 degree range of motion enable you to point in versatile directions to suit your animals' or plants' needs.

 Installation :

1. Make sure the light hood or socket is OFF or unplugged.

2. Gently screw on the DFC Tropical light socket by spinning it clockwise. Please do not force.

3. Once the LED bulb is installed, you are able to rotate the bulb at 270 degrees to point toward different direction.

4. Provide proper ventilation. Although DFC Tropical LED lights produce less heat than incandescent light bulbs, it is important to have ventilation for the LED unit. Many standard terrarium or aquarium hoods already come with venting slots. 100% enclosed fixtures are not recommended. It will trap heat and increase the temperature of your enclosure. Do not place the hood directly on a solid glass or acrylic top of your enclosure. Please provide a small gap to allow air circulation under the light unit. Overheating can shorten the life span of your DFC Tropical LED lights.

Note: DFC Tropical LED lights comes with 2 years DFC manufacture warranty. Unit breaking while using excess force during installation voids the warranty. Please handle with care.


DFC Tropical 9W/ 44 LED Light

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