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Exo-Terra Tree Fern Panel- 2 pack

-Soft, extremely absorbent panels
-Excellent for drip walls and epiphytic plants
-Ideal for tropical terrariums
-100% natural product from New Zealand

Exo Terra Tree Fern panels are soft and extremely absorbent, making them the ideal background for drip walls and for mounting epiphytic plants. The Tree Fern panels are very durable and will not rot from continuous exposure to moisture or wetness. When the Tree Fern panels are kept moist for longer periods, ferns and mosses will spontaneously start to appear. Epiphytic plants such as orchids, bromeliads, ferns and mosses can be easily mounted on the Tree Fern panels, as it forms the ideal substrate for their roots and, if kept moist, after a few weeks the Tree Fern panels will be completely covered in epiphytes.

Tip: Use the Exo Terra Monsoon RS400 Rainfall System to keep the Tree Fern panels moist in order to stimulate the growth of mosses, ferns and epiphytes.

Exo-Terra Tree Fern Panel- 2 pack

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