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Ficus Repens Creeping Fig

Ficus Repens Creeping Fig

This is a very strong and fast growing plant. DFC highly recommend this plant. Creeping fig has small, heart-shaped leaves that densely cover its long stems. Its growing habits make it a versatile plant for your vivarium and terrarium. It will make a beautiful green backdrop foliage in habit. This plant is fast-growing and needs some help from you to shape it or train it. Prune off new stems regularly to encourage branching and to shape them as they grow. 

Origin: China and Japan

Height: Trailing to 30 ft and spreads. Very easy to maintain and cut back.

Light: Bright light. Will tolerate low light, but not direct sun. Does extremely well in vivarium and terrarium lighting.

Planting: This branches are very light in weight. As the plant grows, the branches will keep climbing toward the light as well as cascade itself through your your vivarium. It makes a perfect backdrop and creating a natural environment for your dart frogs to hide in and climb on.

Water: Keep soil lightly moist at all time.

Humidity: High humidity 70 to 80%.

Temperature: Will tolerate cool to warm temperatures from 55-85°F.

Propagation: Take stem cuttings in spring and root in fresh potting mix.


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