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Humanta Tyermanii

Humanta Tyermanii

Humanta Tyermanii fern is commonly known for its 'White Rabbit's Foot'. Their white fur on the feet (rhizomes) will grow over the edge of the pot. It is a very easy fern to grow. This is a very strong plant for your vivarium and terrarium. Baskets of Humata can be hung outside and will survive night temperatures into the teens! All the fronds will be shed and new ones will grow when it warms up again.

Origin: Tropical, Canary Islands

Family: Davalliaceae

Mature size: Height: 1 to 2 feet and Spread: 1 to 2 feet. Can grow large. Very easy to trim back and keep it smaller in your medium size vivarium or terrarium.

Light: Filtered sun.

Temperature: They do well in a terrarium range. Comfortable house temperatures are fine. Can be grown outside down to the low teens.

Water: overwatering than holding back on the water harms more ferns. Allow the soil to dry lightly before watering again.

Propagation: Humanat Tyermanni ferns can be propagated in one of two ways. It can be down either by division and through spores. To divide the plants, simply pull the plants apart from the base with roots attach.

Humanta Tyermanii

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