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Dendrobates Leucomelas Nominant Tadpole

Color: Yellow/Orange and Black

Size: Medium- Reaching up to 1.5 inches or larger.

- Raise your own dart frogs from tadpoles. 

-  Live Arrival Guarantee.

Tadpole Care: Please visit our Learning Center

 Info for Adult:

Locality: Found in the rainforest of Venezuela

Difficulty: Beginners.

Temperature: Range between 70-76 degrees Fahrenheit

Humidity: 50%-70%

Behavior: Bold- Hardy- Terrestrial / arboreal- Loud Call- Does fine in groups 

Terrarium Setup: 1 square ft per frog- Terrestrial

Breeding: Difficult to breed. Uses coco huts and petri dishes. Best kept in a pair (1 male to 1 female). Male have wider finger discs and a more defined Back Structure. Females tend to be Larger and usually have cleavage in the chest region. Reaches sexual maturity in 10-16 months on average. Produces egg clutches every 5 to 10 days. Clutch size is 3-10 eggs on average. Metamorphosis takes on average 100 days.

Other: Do Not Mix Species


Dendrobates Leucomelas  Nominant Tadpole

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live and well Review by Scott
Just arrived my 3 tadpoles,healthy,alive and kicking:-) thanks D-F-C.I will be back for more:-) (Posted on 10/21/2014)

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