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macodes petola

Macodes Petola

This is one of DFC's favorite Jewel Orchid. Macodes petola is a terrestrial orchid which grows in the rainforest of Southeast Asia with high humidity and low light. The plant is cultivated for the veined leaves. This orchid has dark green leaves with yellow venation that is truly a sight to behold. The yellow venation is so sparkly that the plant looks as if it is made of gold or is somehow illuminated. This orchid forms a patch of broad lance-shaped to oval-shaped leaves at the ground. The leaf is green, and in this species the midrib is streaked with white. The netlike veining on the leaf is also white but not as thick as the midrib stripes. The plant produces a tall spike about 10 inches tall. The top of the spike has many white orchid flowers, which may either face the same direction on the stalk, or be spirally arranged around it.

Origin: Southeast Asia. 

Mature size: Tall - can grow up to 14 inches tall with 6 to 10 inch tall flower spikes.

Light: Shade to Partial shade.

Planting: Jewel Orchids should be watered regularly as they don’t like to be dry. An important thing to remember is that they don’t like standing water either so it is best to wait until the soil begins to dry out before watering again. Don’t over-water your Jewel Orchids as dry Jewel Orchids are easier to protect than those damaged by damp conditions .

Water: Keep soil well drained and always keep the soil slightly moist but never soggy. They do well in terrarium.

Temperature: They need high humidity and warm temperatures around 70 to 80F: 20 to28C

Propagation: Remove rhizome from mother plant and replant into moist soil. You will be able to get it to root by placing it in water. Plant will establish and grow roots in a short time. 



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