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Muehnbeckia Complexa

Muehnbeckia Complexa

Muehlenbeckia really deserves a spot in very vivarium and terrarium. It shines planted alone, as the finely textured, black stems are the perfect foil for the astonishingly round, glossy leaves. It is both tough enough to look after itself and fast enough to be noticed despite its diminutive height, plus it quickly forms a dense mat.

It's the leaves' unique ability to stay in excellent condition even with dart frogs hopping all over it. A twining evergreen vine that can climb or clamber over any support to reach 20-30 feet tall and without support becomes a groundcover of equal width.  It create a perfect ground covering for your dart frog.

Origin: New Zealand, Australasia

Family: Polygonaceae

Height: under 5 inches low to the grow. Spared through out as well as climbers.

Light: Low to bright light. No direct sun. 

Water: Keep soil barely moist. Allow the top inch of soil to dry between watering.

Planting: Should be watered regularly. Do not let it dry out between water. It makes a perfect ground covering or hanging for the back of your vivarium.

Humidity: Moderate -- around 40-50% relative humidity 

Temperature: Warm temperature for 65 °F to 75 °F

Propagation:  Propagate from seed or cuttings or pre-rooted layers.

Muehnbeckia Complexa

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