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Pellea Rotundfolia Button Fern

Pellea Rotundfolia Button Fern

Commonly known as the Button Fern, is one of the easiest ferns to grow indoors and in your vivarium and terrarium. Button Fern's habit is one of neatly mounded, well-behaved cascading fronds, adorned with glossy, dark green, butt-like "leaves' or frondlets. Surprisingly drought tolerant for a fern, it performs will in most any light condition from quite low to very high light. This is a perfect plant for the back wall of your vivarium.

Common Name: Button Firm

Origin: New Zealand.

Family: Araceae, Arum

Height x Width: vining to 3-6' or more.

Mature Size : Up to 1 ft tall and can spare widely.

Light: bright to moderate, no direct sun light needed.

Temperature: They like normal humidity and temperatures 60-75 F.

Watering: Keep soil well drained and well watered.

Propagation: Division. In spring, divide the plant into 2 or 3 sections with a sharp knife and pot them up. Be sure to get roots with stems attached. Fern spores can be propagated, but germination takes a few months and is not always reliable.


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