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scyphularia pycnocarpa

Scyphularia Pycnocarpa

Scyphularia Pycnocarpa fern is commonly known as the Possum-tail fern. It is native to tropical environments. The leaves are a glossy, dark green with sprouts that resemble opossum tails. It will add depth to your own ecosystem. It prefers to be kept warm and never wants to experience cold winter. It is tougher than other ferns. Maintenance is easy, simply cut away any browning branches.

Origin: Malaysia, Indonesia, New Guinea, Pacific Islands

Family: Davalliaceae 

Mature Size: Height: 8”, Spread: 24” 

Light: Full to partial shade. No direct sunlight, it will bleach the leaves and burn the plants. This plant is perfectly suited for vivariums.

Planting: Scyphularia Pycnocarpa fern should be watered regularly as they don’t like to be dry. These branches are very lightweight. As the plant grows, the branches will cascade toward the ground. It makes a perfect backdrop for the back of your vivarium. 

Water: Keep soil well drained. Allow soil to dry slightly between watering. The roots must never be allowed to dry out.

Temperature: They need high humidity and warm temperatures. They do well in a terrarium at 70 to 80F: 20 to 28C 

Propagation: Possum-tail fern is done in one of two ways. It can be done either by division or through spores. To divide the plants, simply pull the plants apart from the base where roots are attached.

scyphularia pycnocarpa

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