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silver pothos

Silver Pothos

Silver Pothos has heart-shaped leaves with color variations of green and silver throughout the leaves. It is a fast growing climbing vine, but can also be used as ground cover. This plant will make a great addition to your dart frog’s home.

Origin: Southeastern Asia, Australia, Melanesia.

Mature Size: height: 6 to 12”, width: 12 to 15”.

Light: Partial shade. Bright light is needed for good leaf color, but protect plants from direct sun to prevent scorching leaves.

Water: Keep soil slightly moist and well drained through out the year.

Planting: Should be watered regularly. Do not let it dry out between water. It makes a perfect ground covering or hanging for the back of your vivarium.

Humidity: High humidity 70 to 80%

Temperature: Average to warm 70-86°F

Propagation: Stem cuttings.

silver pothos

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