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Portea Nana

Portea Nana

This is one of our favorite bromeliads. It is medium in size and will fit perfectly in a medium to large vivarium. It is green in color with flashes of red throughout the leaves. The center cup is wide and open and holds ample amounts of water for tadpole rearing. Your dart frog will use this plant for shelter and transport the tadpoles at ease. It will be a great addition to your vivarium. 

Origin: Brazil

Mature size: Medium - Large height 8 to 12" : width 10 to 14"

Light: Full sun to Partial shade.

Water holding for dart frogs: We recommend this species

Planting: Portea Nana is an epiphyte and can be grown easily by mounting it to the background or planting it in a well-drained substrate.

Water: Keep the plant's urn filled with water at all times while keeping the soil slightly moist but never soggy. Roots will rot in soggy soil.

Temperature: Does well in the vivarium at 65 to 75F: 18 to 24C

Propagation: The mother plant will shoot offsets. These offsets are called pups. When the pups reach about 4 to 5 inches tall, they are ready to be cut off and planted. 



Portea Nana

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