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Tropical White Springtails 12 oz

- Tropical springtails (Collembola sp.) are a great food source for your dart frogs. Springtails are less than half a centimeter. This small species of insect is a must have in your vivarium to create a balanced ecosystem for your dart frog habitat.

- keep at 74º F for optimum production.

- Springtails love to feed on molds from white rice and mushrooms. Place small amounts into the culture to keep them reproducing.

- Do not over feed your SpringTails. Over production of carbon dioxide will crash your Springtail culture. 

- Springtails are decomposers in nature. They are commonly found in and around dead and decaying organic matter. In the vivarium, they serve as an important factor to cycling the leaf litter, decaying plant matter, and waste from your dart frogs.

- Once a population is established in your vivarium, they will reproduce all on their own and create a steady supply of food.

- Springtails are supplemental food for your dart frogs. They should never be the only source of diet.

- DFC will ship cultures that include both adults and juveniles in DFC Bamboo Charcoal.

Tropical White Springtails 12 oz

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